Biotek Ozone

Biotek Ozone was first established in 1988 by Biotek Environmental Science (UK) Ltd., and Biotek Environmental Science Ltd., (Taiwan). Biotek Environmental Science Ltd is the world leading supplier of electrolytic ozone generators and integrated ozone systems in HOUSEHOLD, COMMERCIAL, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL, and MEDICAL applications. In the past 15 years, Biotek Environmental Science Ltd. had obtained more than 40 patents in electrolytic ozone generator and its integrated ozone systems.

Biotek consistently strives for higher performance with dedication to our ideals of consumer satisfaction. Our products push innovative limits for easier usability, more dependability, more efficiency, more compact size and higher guarantees of safety. Biotek Ozone products are innovatively engineered for simple operation and installation while maintaining reliable and superior level performance. Our systems use Biotek Ozone's patented Electrolytic Ozone Generation technology, the exclusive safe and efficient high performance ozone-generation technology only used by Biotek Ozone.