Dissolved Ozone Rapid Measurement Kit

Ozone has a short half-life and leaves no residues, therefore, to overcome ozone's hard-to-detect properties, Biotek developed this Dissolved Ozone Rapid Measurement Kit to ensure our generators are actively providing ozone for disinfection and sanitation in various industries.

The portable kit includes easy-to-use ozone tablets, vial, and concentration-color chart to quickly and effectively establish the presence of ozone in the sample. Ozonated water samples are taken with the vial and instantaneous ozone concentration indicated by matching the color with the chart provided.


Biotek's Dissolved Ozone Rapid Measurement Kit can be used by operators and auditors to verify the activity of ozone generators in all industries and settings. The test must be performed on-site to facilitate the detection of short-lived ozone.

Rinse and clean vial, then fill vial with ozonated water sample to 15 mL inscribed line.

Immediately place one tablet into vial and seal vial.

Shake the vial until the tablet is completely dissolved.

Hold vial up-right 2 cm above white background of color chart to match the corresponding dissolved ozone concentration (ppm).

Product Name Dissolved Ozone Rapid Measurement Kit
Model No. OM100
Product Description Dissolved Ozone Rapid Measurement Kit is based on DPD procedure. Ozone reacts with DPD indicator to produce pink coloration for concentration range 0.05 - 1.0 ppm.
Kit Items 10 x Test tablets per packet
1 x Vial with sealing cap
1 x Color-concentration card
Storage Store in cool and dry area
Temperature: 5 - 30 ℃
Expiration Time: 2 Years
Recommended Sample Conditions pH 5 - 8
Temperature 15 - 25 ℃
Reactivity Presence of other oxidizing agents may affect results
Safety Do not ingest tablets