Portable Dissolved Ozone Monitor

High Precision and Accuracy

OM1000 dissolved ozone monitor from Biotek Ozone is an ideal tool for portable dissolved ozone measurement applications. The electrode sensors are made of 99.9% gold for dissolved ozone sensitivity. The program provides real-time ozone measurements that are precise and accurate to 2 decimal places. Readings are unaffected by other substances in the sample and auto-calibrated to account for variations due to temperature.


  • Direct measurement with auto-calibration:
    Direct measurement utilizing 300,000 data sets of temperature-concentration correlation from Biotek R&D laboratories .
  • NO interference from residual chlorine:
    Sensitive to measure ozone content withoutinterference of residual chlorine in water.
  • Clear advantage over measurement strips:
    Quick accurate readings instantly. No consumable parts to replace ever. Measures up to 6.0ppm.
  • Built-in memory:
    Memory function records up to 9 sets ofmeasurements.
  • Portable and convenient:
    Compact and light; Real-time measurements.
Product Name
Dissolved Ozone Monitor
Model No.
Power Power Consumption
25 mW
9 V battery
Operating Condition Ambient temperature
Water temperature
Display range Ozonated-water concentration
Water temperature
Accuracy Ozonated-water concentration
±0.2ppm (0 - 1.0 ppm) | ±15% (1.0 - 6.0 ppm)
Water temperature