Our uniquely designed spray bottles made with special coating to preserve antibacterial properties of ozonated water. The bottle allows you to take the power of ozone on the go. You can now use ozone's quick disinfecting and deodorizing abilities inside and outside your home.

For your tailored in particular to create high-level resistance to oxidation of high concentrations of ozone sterilization of water sprayers by Biotek, metal material, the inner layer of additional epoxy resin coating to enhance the antioxidant properties of aerosol spray to ensure that the sprayer long life.

The sprayer used to store the Paramount high concentrations of ozone sterilization of water, sprayed to the surface for effective sterilization processing.It enables high concentrations of ozone sterilization of water the machine's functions can be effectively extended, expanded range of applications. Tupper sprayer to bring more convenience to your life.

surface disinfection


- Body: aluminum alloy
- In the bottle: oxidation material
- Capacity: 275 ml
- Function: designed for surface disinfection (surface disinfection) design

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and naturally reverts back to oxygen. It leaves no residual and does not require a final rinse or wipe down. Cleaning is easier and faster.


The high concentration ozone water is sprayed on the desktop, on a countertop can quickly kill the bacteria on the surface, keeping countertops Health and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The high concentration ozone water will be sprayed health corners in the trash, etc., can remove the odor and clean air; can also kill the bacteria of all kinds of corruption, keep the house hygiene.